Slow down at Webster School crosswalk

Mary Treloar asks drivers to slow down at Webster Street crosswalk.

Letter to the Editor: Slow down at Webster School crosswalk

Last Thursday, June 1, I was picking up my four-year-old nephew from Webster preschool and was about to cross the intersection of Schofield Highway and Murray Drive when a car ran the red light.

No, neither I nor the other adults present got a license plate number. The incident was terrifying and happened at a fast speed.

I am aware that there have been meetings about this dangerous intersection and signs have been changed but it remains a potentially lethal crossing.

Cars and trucks do not always slow down to the posted limit. Perhaps the flashing light on the south side of the crossing which warns of a red light could be moved farther south?

Perhaps there could be crossing guards for the pre-school children?

Perhaps there could be more of an RCMP presence?

This dangerous crosswalk needs immediate attention and appropriate action.

Mary Treloar